Happy Note Everyone,

I reviewed a great site on Educator Studio http://educatorstudio.com/lessons/hebrews-journey-schoology-popplet.  It will give details on using schoology.com and popplet.com to discuss Hebrews.  It was well developed and thought out, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.




RILS Scenario

This project has increased my knowledge of the various types of site available.  Utilizing www. go2web20.net was the best resource site to  find almost anything on the web.  I played with this site for days.  I learn a new tool for organizing my personal sites at  www.symbaloo.com.  The creation of a scenario using a new tool was interesting but the best part was blogging.  I love blogging, expressing my thoughts on paper makes me happy.  I would never use these titles, however.   The most challenging aspect was sitting through the 3 hour of video on iMovie.  It took will power and determination not to just throw the computer.  This project took a lot of little step (research, create, research, create) to get to where I am now but it was worth the trip.  The only change I would make is not doing the educator studio  because I like immediate responses.  Educational studio require approval before submission.  When  you paste your lesson,  you will have to wait before it is posted.  I also got a little confused about the required educator studio comment aspect.  I was not sure if I should comment on my blog or on educator studio when I reviewed another student’s submission.  I’ll keep my finger crossed on that one, I just add it here just in case.

                                                                    The site was called Hebrews on the Journey with Schoology and Popplet

                                                                    http://educatorstudio.com/lessons/hebrews-journey- schoology-popplet

All & All, I have enjoyed  this ride and appreciate all the support of the instructor and input from the students.



Relevant and Innovative Learning Scenarios Planning Instruction
Title:   PRONOUNS with PowToon

Brief Overview:  The types of pronouns (Personal, Possessive, Reflexive, Demonstrative, Interrogative and Indefinite) will be introduced to a homeschool group.

Target Audience:  The Learning House homeschool group various ages 2-8th grades


  •     pronoun chart
  •     PowToon.com as reinforcement tool
  •     Google drive/create/doc for note taking
  •     worksheet
  •     penzu.com for sentence writing
  •     engrade.com for assessment
  •     Independent reading materials


At the end of this scenario, the learner will be able to:

  •      Define, recognize and utilize different types of pronouns including, personal, possessive, reflexive, demonstrative, interrogative and indefinite.
  •     Determine which pronoun is correct and evaluate why a certain pronoun is used



  1. Pretest on definition of pronouns.
  2. Define pronouns and discuss singular/plural pronouns
  3. Discuss pronouns have different types
  4. Introduce Personal Pronouns, encourage student with open-ended sentences
  5. Develop list on white board to be entered into their Language Arts google.doc notes
  6. Define meaning of possessive, encourage student to think of the pronouns they use when something  belongs to them and to others
  7. Develop list on white board to be entered into Language Arts notes
  8. Show commercial rapping hamsters Soul car commercial for demonstrative pronouns (http://youtu.be/pvk4pDxNBio)
  9. Worksheet on this/that these/those
  10. White board list of interrogative pronouns while student types in Google doc Lan. Arts notes
  11. Discuss reflexive pronouns end in self and encourage students to form list for notes
  12. Review all types/worksheets on various pronouns
  13. Encourage pronoun hunt while reading and writing
  14. Introduce PowToon and explain how we will be creating a PowToon for pronouns
  15. Allow student to explore PowToon.com
  16. Student/Instructor create a stage for each types of pronouns for L. Arts notes
  17. Allow student to design stage, characters and sentence for each pronoun group
  18. Instructor assist with typing pronoun list in stage
  19. Instructor embeds rapping hamster for demonstrative pronouns
  20. Student revises, shares and studies pronouns from PowToon

Emerging Technology:  PowToon.com is a tool used to create which includes choices of characters, setting stages, different fonts and automation

Social Participation:  Instructor and student will devise pronoun list, create characters and stage on PowToon.  Other activities will include

1. pronoun hunt while reading (snap when you hear a pronoun, clap when you hear a noun)

2. Making singular pronouns plural

3. Timed noun to pronoun relays (Instructor will place sentences around the room and student will have to change nouns to pronoun and pronouns to noun before time runs out)

Making Connections

Pervious Knowledge:  students have an understanding of replacing nouns with pronouns

Relevance:  students will be able to effectively utilize pronoun during creative writing, compositions and reports

Audience:  students will effectively use pronouns during written communications in blogs and e-pal for a global audience.


AVAILABLE THROUGH http://rubistar.4teachers.org



After viewing PowToon students will reflect on creating sentences with pronoun and which pronoun each student contributed.


Instructor will improve the amount of time required for student’s to create PowToon by using one computer for PowToon and another for audio.






The final project is done.  Stanley could use some work but I feel I got a generally idea for working with imovies.  I plan to use the green board and place images in photos on my next assignment.  Enjoyed working with the videos and imovies.




Now that I have gotten that off my chest here is what I wanted to create.  Stanley my turtle tells the story of how I work through the projects from Full Sail.  He will explain how I feel confident, insecure, process new ideas, and return to my place of security.  To start I had to review how to upload movies from a digital camera and select/add clips.   I named the project Stanley does Full Sail and uploaded with my digital camera.  This proved to be simple but I appreciated the video resource through the project.   My next step was to edit my video by trimming and clipping.  I did this highlighting selection clicking on Clip then selecting Trim to selection.  I wanted to add some type of transitions, so I picked and placed.  Originally, I had used voice in the video but I did not use all the footage.  I needed to take out my originally recordings and place new ones along with adding background music.  I did turning out the sound display on my tool bar.  This allowed me to see the sounds during the footage.  I turned the sound down and using the music button added background music.  I then used the microphone button to do a voice over.  This worked out well and my end project is not too bad.  I appreciate having the resource from Lynda.com and being able to use the information I needed to know.  I enjoyed doing this part of the project.  I felt involved in my learning and was allowed to use my creativity.




The iMovies instructional tape from Lynda.com helped me to realize the type of learner I am.  While viewing the tapes I was not focused, moving around, half listening and what a teacher would describe as not paying attention.  It occurred to me every software I learned was with a manual researching the area I needed to know or doing an internet search for a “how to” site.    I rarely follow step by step directions or read all instruction before a project.  I usually start, get to a point where I am stopped, then look in the directions for the next step.  This is why watching the entire iMovie 11 Essential Training had me screaming on the inside.  As a kinesthetic/visual learner listening to these tapes proved to be not very helpful.  I was not focused, therefore, when I need to do something I will need to review the area I want to know and apply as I am doing.  This is most likely how I would have used the videos had I not been assigned to view them entirely.  I did not watch them all at one time, I tried to watch small potions over the entire week.  However doing each setting I would feel the same way.  This helped me to appreciate the ideas from Brain-based learning, which includes information, inquiry, personal development, social and artistic expression. (Jensen, 2008)  This assist me in realizing why I was reacting a certain way during the videos.  An important area of how I learn was being ignored.   Now that I have learned this about myself, I can be aware of my student’s reactions to informational or instructional learning.  I know how it feels to have to watch something when all you want is the facts.  However, I completed the videos (Yeah!!) and now I can go back to learn what I want to know.Jensen, K. (2008) Brain-based learning: the new paradigm of teaching, 2nd edition. Corwin Press, Thousand Oaks, CA



PowToon offers a variety of text, characters, background props and markers.  My student and I had a fun choosing characters and exploring features.  Our finally project below is not complete, we still plan to add video and sound.

My student and I defined pronouns and made a list of each type.  We alternated making slides, decided on character, props and text types.  Afterwich, we put the list in our google.doc English section.


BP5 RILS PowToon.com



The emergent tool I choose to use is PowToon.com.  My goal is to present pronouns to my student with an interactive presentation.  We had used slideshow.com, corkboard.it and powerpoint presentations.  I wanted to create something difference which peak my student’s ideas and creativity.  Realistically, pronouns are not that exciting except I do a little kick when I tell my students how they replace the noun.


The purpose of PowToon.com is to develop business commericals with an easy program.   This was not what I was trying to find however it works fine for my pronoun presentation.  My most important concerns are usability and navigation.  The PowToon program has tutor of features as well as youtube videos which are easy to understand and follow.  It offers two types of presentations slideshow or movie.  The cost can range from a monthly fee of $9.00 to $247.00 for business accounts.  Rating this program from one to five for the below area would be as follows:




















PowToon.com offers a variety of text, characters, background props and markers.  My student and I had a fun choosing characters and exploring features.  Our finally project below is not completed.  We plan to include video and sound.


BP2 idrivesync.com

BP2 idrivesync.com

Search the Clouds


       The assignment was to search through go2web20.net to locate applicable internet tools for my personal lifestyle.  The tool should be new to me and analyzed from the following five categorizes:

          1. Usability -is the site user-friendly
          2. Support- how well does the site give instructions and are there additional customer service support
          3. Privacy -how well is your information protected
          4. Options- what features are available 
          5. Cost -pricing information

I have developed a homeschool environment for student grades k-12.  During this time I have created student information sheets, worksheets, parent application, online resources and other school information.   Unfortunately, these files were on several different computers in various locations.  I took this opportunity to locate a tool that would combine all school information that I can utilize from all my computers.


During my search computer I started seeing term I did not understand such as RSS, Cloud, WebDev.  I contacted FSO support who referred me to techterms.com which proved to very useful.  I learned what I needed is referred to a Cloud, a tool which places your files on the internet with accessibility from any computer. Guarded with this new information I discovered to several sites, diino.com, zukmo.com, papyrs.com, heapnotes.com, livedrive.com and idrivesync.comDiino.com, zukmo.com and papyrs.com and heapnotes.com were eliminated because I did not necessarily need to share or organize notes.  Livedrive.com and idrivesync.com were the only two I found which would meet my standards.  After utilizing these tools further I discovered livedrive.com is rather expensive and I did want to use the tool during their trial offer.

idrivesync.com site



Satisfied with my choice I began to analyze according to my category.  I get computer frustrated very easily so usability is very important. I do not want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how the site works. Idrivesync.com proved to very easy, once linked I drag and drop the document into the program. I did not have to open, cut and paste or locate document names.  I went to each computer located documents and drop them into my file.  Idrivesync.com allows me to drop pictures, videos, documents and music.  I can also rename or create folders.

Once linked idrivesync.com gives a three page easy to follow informational sheet and each time you link your computers idrivesync.com supplies a wizard for support.  It also has an intensive FAQ link from the site.  I did not find any information to speak with a live person, however.

The site professes to use an encrypted military grade secure process while my files are being transferred.  My files are stored in a data center with manned security, motion sensors, security breach alarms, video surveillance along with smoke detection and fire suppression systems.

The features are visual sharing, group sharing including Facebook feature, cross-platform (connection to other computers), access to iPhones, iPods and androids and webDav.  According to webdav.org this is an acronym for web-based distributed authorizing and versioning which allows collaboration from remote services.  Basically, webdav allows me to pick-up files from idrivesync.com from different computers.

There is not cost for idrivesync.com however upgrades are available which will allow for more storage space.


My Homeschool CLOUD

I am walking on a cloud.  This is exactly what I needed.  I took the time to drop my files, create folders and update information.  I plan to organize my information anyplace, anytime and from where ever.



Personal Dashboard

As a homeschool instructor I spend a great deal of time searching sites for core subjects.  I use spellingcity.com for vocabulary, hwtears.com for handwriting skills, gobiologygo.com for life science, my list has become extensive.  With every site I need to create a user name and password that has lead to another massive list.  For this reason creating a dashboard would be very beneficial.   However my dashboard needs to have easy accessibility, very little distractions and user friendly.   Distractibility is the most important feature since the Internet is a waste of time tool; my dashboard needs to have the links I need without entertaining widgets.  Otherwise, I will find myself shopping, reading entertainment news or surfing for some unrelated information.  I do not want to spend hours trying to figure out how to load sites; it needs to be easy to understand.  Finally, I would like the sites to upload automatically with my information only. I have used iGoggle, Opera and Safari but they do not meet all my requirements.

The three site suggested from the class are Netvibes, Protopage, Symbaloo.    The first site Netvibes looked like what I needed, however to receive all the features there is a monthly fee of $499.00.The paid intelligence features including a search engine and tagging which maybe found free on another site.

Protopage is the Queen of Distractibility, exactly what I do not want.  Symbaloo is the winner.  It has an easy to follow informational tour, no distractions and it has a simple way create and name widget.  While creating the site, I found it does run slow and I kept accidently going to sites I was trying to load.  I created addition pages for my core courses.  I look forward to utilizing Symbaloo and possible using it on my student computers.